How to disconnect MetaMask wallet from a website, dapp, or smart contract

While surfing Web 3.0, we often connect our wallets to a bunch of apps without giving it much thought.

That’s fine, as, sometimes, you have to connect it before you see how an app That’s fine because you may need to connect it before you can see how an app functions. And there are a lot of interesting apps to explore.

The trouble is, once you connect your wallet to each dapp, it will know your wallet address, its balance, its tokens, and all of your transaction history!

Did you know that?

You probably don’t want those apps to have ongoing access to your financial information. Because you’re unlikely to use most of them.

If that app turns out to be a scam or rug pull, your financial data is in the hands of scammers.

Another issue is that any app is vulnerable to hacking. The chance that a single app will be hacked is tiny. But if you connect to 100 apps, the chances are 100 times higher!

Therefore, disconnecting the apps you don’t use often is very beneficial. It will protect your privacy and improve security.

How to disconnect Metamask wallet from a website / dapp

The key difference between the mobile app and the browser extension is that the extension allows you to select which app you wish to disconnect. On mobile, currently, you can only disconnect all connected apps at once.

Browser extension:

1. Click the extension icon in your browser and in the opened interface, click the three dots at the right:

2. Then click “Connected sites” on the opened menu:

3. You’ll see the list of the connected sites, click “Disconnect” near apps you want to disconnect from your wallet:

Mobile app:

1. Press “Settings” on the menu on the left:

2. Press “Security & Privacy”:

3. Scroll down to “Clear privacy data” section then press the button:

4. Confirm by clicking “Clear”:

After disconnecting, you can simply reconnect the dapp again the same way you connected it to your wallet before. With just a couple of clicks. So don’t be concerned about miss-clicking and disconnecting the wrong apps or all of them.

Disconnecting the dapp won’t remove its token approvals! Read the instruction below to see how to revoke tokens:

How to disconnect Metamask wallet from a dapp

Even if you disconnected your Metamask from a website, but gave some smart contracts permissions to move your wallet’s funds, those smart contracts will still be able to do it with their access tokens.

If you want to revoke those smart contracts from access to your wallet, use a tool such as Etherscan, BscScan, or Polygonscan.

In those services, simply enter your wallet address and press search (on Etherscan you can just connect your wallet by pressing “Connect to Web3”):

You will see if there are some smart contracts that have some access to your wallet funds and their allowance. As well as how much of your money is at risk.

To prevent those smart contracts from doing anything malicious, you may click “Revoke” button.

Keep in mind that if you revoke, for example, SushiSwap’s smart contract access, then when you will use it again, you will have to spend gas to give it access again.

That’s it!

After following those instructions, your wallet funds will be fully secure and the risk of losing your funds is close to none.

Now, you can connect your wallet to even more apps and try them all out! Ha-ha. But be careful, please.

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