Where to buy Phantasma (SOUL) coin

Phantasma is a cryptocurrency focused on gamers, NFTs, and dApps. Its governance token is called SOUL, and there are a maximum of 94 million tokens in circulation.

Currently, you can buy Phantasma (SOUL) on Coinbase, Kucoin, HotBit, Gate.io, Bitbns, UniSwap, and PancakeSwap (the last two are currently paused during exploit 04.12.2022).

Below is the list from CoinGecko with available exchanges. It is not the full list, as you may notice. But it will allow you to compare rates between them very quickly:

Best for beginners: CoinBase

If you are new to crypto, the best option to buy Phantasma (SOUL) will be CoinBase. If it is available in your country.

The commission range is about 0.50% to 2%.

More Advanced: Kucoin, Get.io, Hotbit & BitBns

The second easiest option will be to buy Phantasma on some exchanges like Kucoin, Get.io, and HotBit by swapping it with another crypto.

It is more for advanced users because you will have to use a trading interface to buy it. If you want to use Kucoin, I would recommend installing its mobile app. Then, just type “SOUL” in the search bar on top and select one of the options available.

SOUL coin is not yet available on many exchanges, like Binance. So if you have some crypto there and want to swap it to Phantasma, you will have to transfer it to one of the supported exchanges first.

Be sure to check what trade pairs the exchanges have. For example, Kucoin allows you to trade ETH, BTC, and USDT for SOUL. It means if you will transfer some other coin there, like TrueUSD, then you will need to swap it for ETH, BTC, or USDT first. And it will cost you some extra fees.

Kucoin’s commissions are between 0.0125% and 0.10% per trade (how to use their trading interface you may read here).

Get.io’s commissions are between 0.065% and 0.2%.

Hotbit’s commissions are between 0.20% and 0.65%.

BitBns’s fees are between 0.25% and 0.03%.

If you want privacy and decentralization: Uniswap & Pancakeswap

On 04.12.2022, buying SOUL is currently paused during an exploit problem.

If you are more advanced, you may consider buying it on UniSwap or PancakeSwap. This option is good if you’re planning to buy a lot because of the high ETH transaction (gas) fees.

Be careful and do not buy CryptoSoul or other coins.

Uniswap fees are about 0.30% and Pancake’s are 0.25% + gas fees.

Have more questions?

You can ask the Phantasma community on Reddit at /r/phantasma/. Or they have a group on Telegram where you can ask a question too.

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