How to add GoChain to Metamask wallet. Simple Way.

If you are wondering how to add GoChain to your Metamask wallet, there are multiple ways to do it. Let’s start with the simplest one:

The simplest method

This method is based on using a dapp that will automatically connect your Metamask wallet to BNB Chain:

  1. Go to (GoChain page). If you’re using the app, open it in Metamask’s browser.
  2. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and connect it to Metamask
  3. Click “Add to Metamask” and approve dapp’s permission to add the network.

That’s it, that’s the simplest way to connect the wallet to the network. The standard method is the:

Manual method:

1. Click on the selected network, in most cases it will be Ethereum Mainnet:

2. Click Add Network button:

3. Fill out the form with the data provided below and then click “Save”:

1. Go to the “Settings”:

2. Go to “Networks”:

3. Click “Add Network”:

4. Fill the form using provided data below and click “Add” button:

Form’s content for the manual method:

Network Name: GoChain
New RPC Url (or RPC Url):
ChainID: 60
Symbol: GO
Block Explorer URL:

If you don’t see some tokens you have, you will have to add it manually.

Don’t have any GO yet? You will need it to do any transaction on the blockchain. You can purchase it on any of the exchanges available. Here is the list from their official website:

That’s it!

Now you can use GoChain in your Metamask wallet, make transactions, and connect it to dapps.

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