How to add DOGE coin to Metamask wallet


If you are wondering how to add native DOGE blockchain to your Metamask, I have bad news: you can’t add it!

Because they are currently incompatible with each other.

But what you can do is to add Binance-Peg Dogecoin token, which is on Binance’s BNB Chain.

It is a pretty good alternative if you really want to use it together with your Metamask.


If your Metamask is still not connected to the BNB Chain, you may use my instructions on how to add it in just a couple of clicks.

By default, it will only show a BNB token (which you will need to pay for gas fees while transferring your Binance-Peg DOGE). It doesn’t mean you can’t receive DOGE or other tokens already, but you’ll have to add it manually in order to see its balance and to use Metamask’s send/swap functionality.

Adding DOGE token to Metamask’s BNB Chain

Simplest method:

1. Go to the CoinGecko Binance-Peg Dogecoin page: (if you are using the app, open the link inside Metamask’s browser)

2. On the right side, find “Contract” and then click the Metamask icon near it:

3. Metamask’s window will open. Press the “Add token” button:

Manual method:

If you don’t like the easy method for some reason (I don’t know, maybe you don’t trust CoinGecko or something?), here is the manual (or standard) method:

1. Select a BNB network (or Binance Smart Chain) and click the “Import tokens” link at the bottom:

2. Paste “Token Contract Address” depending on the network you use:


You may want to Google this address to verify it is not some scam token!

3. After that, the other fields should be automatically filled. Then click the “Add Custom Token” button (or “Import” button in the app).

4. Click the “Import Tokens” button:

That’s it!

After following the steps above, you shall see the Binance-Peg Dogecoin token listed in your MetaMask while connected to the BNB Smart Chain network.

You’ll see your token balance and can easily send it or swap it. Make sure you have some BNB tokens in order to pay the gas fees.

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