How to see trade history on KuCoin in 2022

I’ll show you 2 ways to see your trade history on KuCoin.

BTW, you can sign up here if you don’t have a KuCoin account yet (not sure how it is possible, but anyway).

Right in the action:

  1. Open and log in.
  2. Hover your cursor over the “Order” icon:
  3. You’ll see the menu and at the bottom of it you’ll find Spot, Margin, and Futures history:

    Spot – you normal trades
    Margin – trades you’ve made with a margin
    Futures – trades you’ve made on KuCoin Futures Lite or Classic.
    If you don’t know which history you want to see, it is 100% the “Spot Trade History”.

Keep in mind that by default it shows history only for the last month. So if you don’t see any operations, try to change the filter:

Notice that you may export all data to a CSV file if you need it (and it can be opened in Exel or a similar app).

It has a very weird 100-day limit, though. So, if you are exporting data for tax purposes for the whole year, you will have to do 4 CSV exports, not one!

If you want to find a way to see your history in the iOS / Android app, use the method below (it has some limitations):

Trade history inside the trading interface

Another method to see our trade history is via KuCoin’s trading interface. It can be done on both the website and the mobile app:

  1. Hover over the “Trade” menu option at the top and select Spot or Margin trading:
  2. Then in the trading interface at the bottom, you will see the tab “Trade History”:

    And you’ll see all your recent trades.

KuCoin’s mobile app shows transactions only for the last three months. To see your full transaction history you have to use their website.

  1. Tap “Trade” at the bottom menu:
  2. At the bottom of the interface, find this icon and click it:
  3. You will see your order history for up to three months (to see the full history you’ll have to use their website):

That’s it!

I hope you found all the transactions you wanted to find.

As of now, we know it’s quite unintuitive to find it on KuCoin, and it has a lot of weird limitations.

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