How To Add BNB Chain To Metamask. Simple Way.

Thanks to Ethereum, Metamask has become one of the most popular wallets. However, you can actually connect it to more than just the Ethereum network!

BNB Chain (ex Binance Smart Chain or BCS) has also grown in popularity. Its low fees and popularity of the Binance exchange itself attract a lot of new users.

Yet, to use the BNB network and its dapps you’ll need to connect it to your Metamask first.

I’m assuming you already have the Metamask wallet installed and configured, so let’s get straight to work:

The simplest method:

This method is based on using a dapp that will automatically connect your Metamask wallet to BNB Chain:

  1. Go to (Binance Smart Chain Mainnet). If you’re using the app, open it in Metamask’s browser.
  2. Click the “Connect Wallet” button and connect it to Metamask
  3. Click “Add to Metamask” and approve dapp’s permission to add the network.

That’s it, that’s the simplest way to connect the wallet to the network. The standard method is the:

Manual method:

1. Click on the selected network, in most cases it will be Ethereum Mainnet:

2. Click Add Network button:

3. Fill out the form with the data provided below and then click “Save”:

1. Go to “Settings”:

2. Go to “Networks”:

3. Click “Add Network”:

4. Fill the form using provided data below and click “Add” button:

Form’s content for the manual method:


That’s the main network of the BNB Smart Chain where all transactions are happening.

If you are not sure or are not implicitly told to add some other network, you should add this Mainnet network.

Network Name: BNB Smart Chain
New RPC Url (or RPC Url):
ChainID: 56
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

If you don’t trust this website, I would recommend verifying RPC Url and Chain ID on other resources.


This is a BCS test network designed primarily for developers to test dapps and smart contracts. If you want to try something, you may use it as well.

Network Name: BNB Smart Chain – Testnet
ChainID: 97
Symbol: BNB
Block Explorer URL:

That’s it!

Now you can use BNB Smart Chain in your Metamask wallet, make transactions, and connect it to dapps.

You already can receive any tokens to your BNB Smart Chain address, but it won’t be displayed. If you want to see your token balances you’ll have to add those tokens first.

Here are multiple instructions on how to add BUSD and USDT tokens to your wallet. After following those guides you’ll learn how to add basically any token to your Metamask.

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